Visit Hoi An, Vietnam to Satisfy The Historian Inside You

Hoi An was and still is one of the most famous cities of Vietnam and it still attracts throngs of tourists every year due to the people, culture, food and of course the historical sites there. We are going to be talking about the top 5 spots in Hoi An that you should visit and these spots will provide you with such scenic views that camera roll would be full before you know it.

Japanese Covered Bridge

The bridge was constructed back in the olden times because the city itself was in two parts, one community that resided were the Japanese and the other Chinese. This bridge still exists today and the best thing is that it holds a little temple of the deity called Tran Vo Mac De which is worshipped especially by fishermen.

Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall

It is one of the most famed structure in the city and was built by the Chinese who installed statues of three deities here; they worshiped here and turned it into an assembly hall so when you visit it, you would be able to see the Chinese style architecture, including a statue of a great dragon.

Duc An Old House

These are ancient houses that have been around since 400 years which is why the wooden architecture is gorgeous and gives off that historical vibe.

Cam Pho

It is a Cantonese Chinese Communal house which has been around for a long time and every corner tells the tale of the merchants that came there to worship and hold meetings.

Thanh Ha Terracota Park

This site is located some distance away from the city and you would be able to learn about the ancient craftsmen and potters that worked there and find beautiful artwork.