The Best Places to Find Vintage Fashion in Paris

If you are someone who has had experience with vintage shopping, then it is safe to say that you are well aware of just how difficult the situation can be. There are so many thrift stores, as well as second hand stores that sell vintage fashion, or other vintage items. And if you have shopped at a vintage store, you must also know how difficult the entire situation becomes when you have to sift through racks of clothes that are never in order. To top it all off, the worst moment comes when you can’t find the parts of the same clothing item that you were looking for.

Sadly, thrift and second hand shops are the only places one can go, and the tiresome nature of these stores can easily make every seasoned shopped feel tired, and want to give up on shopping. However, at the same time, the good thing is that if you do strike gold, you do it big time.

This article talks about some of the best places you can find vintage fashion in Paris.

La Mode Vintage, 12 Rue Rochebrune

We have been told that La Mode Vintage, 12 Rue Rochebrune is one of the best vintage stores there are. The store is for people who know about fashion, and are looking for something that will certainly pique their interest in one way or another. You can easily find some of the finest things in the store, and I can assure you that the collector within you would love this place.

Pretty Box, 46 Rue Saintonge

A store that is strictly for vintage clothes, the Pretty Box, 46 Rue Saintonge is among the finest in Paris for anyone who is looking for vintage clothes by designers such as Gucci. Yes, I am talking about authentic stuff that you will probably ever find anywhere else. So, it definitely is worth a try.

Episode, 12 Rue Tiquetonne

For many people, a store named Episode might not hold a lot of importance, but if you are looking for cool dresses like Levi’s denim or something hip and chic, then it certainly is something that you should visit. If you are lucky, you can even find stuff by Valentino, and if that’s not gold, I don’t know what else is.

Thanx God I’m a VIP, 12 Rue De Lancry

Normally when you talk to me about a store that is called Thanx God I’m a VIP, the irony just crosses over me. At first, I thought this is some parody store as there are so many of them but upon visiting it, I realised just how amazing this goldmine actually is. There are some amazing fashion pieces available at this store, and the store itself is huge, so it is a given that there is a lot of things to go through. You can spend a lot of time here and not get bored, and sometimes, find what you really want.