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Drawn from "China's Rise, America's Fall," April 2012
So far at least, these extra-constitutional and often brutal methods have not been directed toward controlling America’s own political system; we remain a democracy rather than a dictatorship. But does our current system actually possess the central feature of a true democracy, namely a high degree of popular influence over major government policies? Here the ... Read More
As a software developer and company co-founder who has lived in Palo Alto since the early 1990s, I understand the extraordinarily important contribution that immigrants have made to our technology industry over the last half century and the crucial role they play in maintaining American competitiveness. I've found it unfortunate that for years top Silicon ... Read More
In the race to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer, one issue is especially important in this election: the U.S. Senate’s power to confirm Supreme Court justices. And primarily for that reason, we recommend two very different candidates in the June 7 primary: Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Republican Duf Sundheim, an attorney from Palo Alto. ... Read More
Two undeniable facts about the race to succeed Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate: It's been decidedly dull so far. And it's been dull even though there are 34 candidates on the ballot. Certainly, the Senate race has been overshadowed by the wild-and-crazy presidential primaries, which have defied prediction and common sense time and again. ... Read More
The greatest problem with most universities today is that tuition is much too high, forcing an entire generation of students into long-term debt-servitude. Total student loans now exceed $1.2 trillion, and millions of students will probably never be able to pay them off. During the mid-1970s, tuition at UCLA, Berkeley, and the other UC campuses ... Read More
Although they’re not Lincoln-Douglas, modern American political debates still give voters a glimpse into the makeup of the candidates. Last Monday’s candidate debate for U.S. Senator from California appropriately was held in Stockton, which declared bankruptcy in 2012 after a “15-year spending binge,” as the Huffington Post described it. Yet Stockton, an old port town, ... Read More
Raise your hand if you recognize any of these names: President Christina Grappo, Jason Krauss, Clive Grey, Eleanor Garcia, Jerry J. Laws. No? We didn’t either. They’re all candidates for California’s first U.S. Senate vacancy in almost a quarter-century. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat first elected in 1992, is stepping down this year, and 34 ... Read More
STOCKTON — Purely as an act of political mischief, this Republican has toyed with the idea of voting in June for Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana, in the race to fill U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat. Under California’s “top two” primary rules, two Democrats could face each other in November. Attorney General Kamala Harris, the ... Read More
Ron Unz. the entrepreneur and Republican political activist who initiated the 1998 state proposition to abolish bilingual education, is now running for U.S. Senate. Acknowledging his late entry into the race and slim chance of winning, Unz says his motivation is to have a platform to prevent Prop. 227 from being repealed by voters this ... Read More
Forum with Scott Shafer: Tom Del Baccaro, Duf Sundheim, Ron
Ron Unz jumped into the U.S. Senate race in California at the last minute last month. He called his campaign a long shot, and he was right about that. He’s even more of a longshot because this isn’t the only race he’s running. Unz has been getting national attention for a run for Harvard University’s ... Read More
I was very unhappy with the unfair and inflammatory article that the Harvard Crimson ran regarding my political associations, and they suggested I submit an op-ed in response. I provided the piece below, which they requested be trimmed for length prior to publication, which I did. They then notified me that after further consideration, they ... Read More
As readers know, the "Diversity" opposition to our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard Overseer campaign did absolutely everything it could to avoid allowing a public debate between our respective positions, refusing to participate themselves and then heavily pressuring Harvard's Chinese Students Association to withdraw their sponsorship of a public debate. Fortunately, they failed, and the two hour ... Read More
Interview on Politics, Issues & Candidates with Larry Marino, aired April 10th, 2016, Salem Broadcasting. http://www.unz2016.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Ron-Unz-interview.mp3
Ralph talks to conservative ally Ron Unz about their plan to run for the Harvard Board of Overseers to convince the school to completely eliminate tuition. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ralphnaderradiohour/NADER_EP_107.mp3
For many months, California’s ongoing race to replace retiring four-term U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer has bored most voters to the point they’ve virtually ignored it. The casual assumption has been that Democrat Kamala Harris, currently state attorney general and formerly district attorney of San Francisco, would win in a cakewalk, given she’s raised millions of ... Read More
How the Ivy League discriminates against top-achieving students
He’s quiet and, of course, wants to be a doctor,” read the reviewer’s note on one application. Another said that an applicant’s “scores and application seem so typical of other Asian applications I’ve read: extraordinarily gifted in math with the opposite extreme in English.” Admissions staff typically ranked Asian-Americans lower than whites in “personal qualities” ... Read More
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Ron Unz built his fortune and his reputation running Wall Street analytics, a financial software company in Silicon Valley. Now, he’s behind “Free Harvard, Fair Harvard,” a campaign to make Harvard University tuition-free and make the university’s admissions process more transparent. Guests Ron Unz, chairman of Free Harvard, Fair Harvard.  
When I was chancellor of the New York City schools, I thought that if you were smart and poor, you could write your own ticket to college. I was dead wrong. A new study by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, where I serve as executive director, reveals that only 3 percent of students at our ... Read More
Paying Harvard’s tuition is no small feat. With a sticker price of $60,659, the annual cost of attending Harvard for undergraduates continues to rise by three to four percent every year. One slate of candidates for the Harvard Board of Overseers purports to offer a solution. Led by conservative Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ron K. Unz ... Read More
“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – Benjamin Franklin In Cambridge, it’s come to feel like we can add one more certainty to the list: Harvard’s tuition going up year after year. Last April, Harvard announced that it would raise the yearly cost of attending the College ... Read More
In the mid-1990s, conditions were right for California to build the multilingual economy of the future. A slumping economy needed a boost. A remarkably multilingual population -- including millions of Spanish speakers -- was already in place. Bilingual education programs -- pioneered and developed in Miami over the prior three decades -- were already being ... Read More
One of the most interesting recent political and policy developments is theinvolvement of Ron Unz in a major effort on behalf of a referendum to raise California’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2016. Unz, a libertarian Silicon Valley entrepreneur, previously shot to fame by successfully pushing a referendum to replace bilingual education in ... Read More
Everyone knows the story of Henry Ford more than doubling his production line workers’ pay to $5 a day in January 1914. Ford explained to aghast fellow capitalists that he would be creating customers for his cheap cars, building a new American middle class. Nearly a century later, in 2005, Walmart CEO Lee Scott called ... Read More
Americans can't spend, their government won't spend, and the tax cuts of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama are set to expire soon. The U.S. Congress can't pass an infrastructure bank, and the country can't fix the banking system or the foreclosure mess. Everything is blocked up. Is there anything we can do that ... Read More