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Ron Paul Endorses Ron Unz for the U.S. Senate in California

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Palo Alto, CA—Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, has endorsed Ron Unz in his current U.S. Senate race in California.

Mr. Unz, a software developer and former theoretical physicist with degrees from Harvard University and Cambridge University, is a leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat held by California’s retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

For over two decades, Mr. Unz has been a prominent figure on public issues and organized successful nationwide “English for the Children” campaigns to replace Spanish-almost-only classes for immigrant students in the public schools.

Dr. Ron Paul said: “Ron Unz has been a strong and courageous individual who stood tall on controversial issues when others did not. He opposed our government’s disastrous recent foreign wars and corrupt bailouts of Wall Street special interests, and would have saved the American taxpayer the many trillions of dollars these cost. Whether or not you agree with him on every individual issue, he would be a principled, independent-minded U.S. Senator, and our federal government greatly needs his voice and his ideas.”

Mr. Unz said: “I am deeply honored to receive Dr. Paul’s endorsement. During the last two presidential elections he was my write-in choice on the November ballot, and as a U.S. Senator I would follow his example as someone who takes positions based on principles rather than party pressure.”

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