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Maybe this year’s outlandish presidential contest has set too high a standard for political drama, making everything else seem humdrum. Whether it was that comparison or just reality, Tuesday night’s fleeting 55-minute debate among five California candidates for a U.S. Senate seat delivered disappointment as much as anything. The format allowed candidates a wind-up but ... Read More
“Roll down your window,” they said loudly but politely. “Roll down your window.” A dozen Greenpeace activists, assuming Kamala Harris was exiting a gated SDSU parking lot in a black Chevy Tahoe, wanted a word Tuesday night with the state attorney general and U.S. Senate front-runner. The window stayed up. Leaving the last televised debate ... Read More
LOS ANGELES — Five candidates for California's open U.S. Senate seat jousted Tuesday over climate change, crime and the minimum wage, while Republicans jabbed at front-running Democrat Kamala Harris, in their final debate before next month's primary election. The sharp attacks on Harris underscored the urgency for lagging candidates to shake up a race that ... Read More
California Attorney General Kamala Harris was on the hot seat from the start Tuesday night as the four other candidates to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer went on the attack against the campaign’s front-runner. In his opening remarks at the San Diego State University debate, Palo Alto Republican Duf Sundhein slammed Harris on her ... Read More
U.S. Senate hopeful Kamala Harris found herself under attack Tuesday night during a fiery debate where she was accused of putting her political ambitions ahead of serving Californians as state Attorney General and pressed about why she hasn’t investigated police shootings. Harris was put on defense almost immediately when former state Republican PartyChairman George “Duf” ... Read More
LOS ANGELES--Campaigns are usually about winning. California's U.S. Senate race is a fight for No. 2. The state's unusual election rules have spawned a low-key contest this spring to determine which candidates advance to the November election for the first open Senate seat in a generation. The quirky part: only the top two vote-getters in ... Read More
Palo Alto, CA—Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, has endorsed Ron Unz in his current U.S. Senate race in California. Mr. Unz, a software developer and former theoretical physicist with degrees from Harvard University and Cambridge University, is a leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat held by California’s retiring ... Read More
Republican Ron Unz, trying to vault his U.S. Senate campaign into November, said Monday that he’s been endorsed by former Rep. Ron Paul. In a prepared statement released by Unz, Paul cast the software developer and one-time gubernatorial candidate as strong, courageous and willing to weigh in on controversial issues. Unz said he supported Paul ... Read More
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Great fights often have great names. The Thrilla in Manila. The Rumble in the Jungle. The Race for Second Place. Wait a second: The Race for Second Place? Our recent Republican and Democratic primary polls suggest that Democrat Loretta Sanchez and Republican Ron Unz are in a tight race to place a very distant second ... Read More
Credit: Carlos Gonzalez, Associated Press
Most of the candidates running for California’s up-for-grabs U.S. Senate seat were swaying so far to the left during Monday’s televised debate that even the Republicans were talking about raising the minimum wage, the problem of income inequality and how bad George W. Bush’s foreign policy was. “I think we have to crack down on ... Read More
Silicon Valley software developer and theoretical physicist Ron Unz, a Republican, may have been the biggest surprise of the night in California’s first televised U.S. Senate debate Monday, defying party leadership by expressing support for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, a boosted minimum wage, and free college tuition. Unz, a last-minute entry into what ... Read More
STOCKTON, Calif. — What they lacked in policy distinctions the two Democrats vying for California's first open U.S. Senate seat in decades made up for in stylistic differences, with front-runner Attorney General Kamala Harris sticking to an attorney's measured tones and Rep. Loretta Sanchez shooting from the hip and milking every moment for a quip. ... Read More
The first debate in California’s sleepy U.S. Senate campaign seemed to present a question: Who has the best chance of securing the second and final spot on the November ballot, alongside Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris? Because Harris ended the evening where she started — firmly still in the driver’s seat. Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, ... Read More
Ron Unz has a knack for wading into controversy. In the 1990s he fathered the English-only campaign for California’s public schools. This year, Unz launched a racially charged crusade to upend Harvard University’s admission and tuition policies.Now, Unz’s last-minute entry into California’s U.S. Senate race in March has sent a midwattage jolt through what has ... Read More
Californians will witness a rare political moment Monday: Republican and Democratic U.S. Senate candidates debating on the same stage at the same time. At 6 p.m., two Democratic and three Republican Senate candidates will meet for a 90-minute debate at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. Co-sponsored by The Chronicle and KCRA-TV in Sacramento, ... Read More
Last spring, 9-year-old Derrick Fields sat in his social studies classroom at Sherman Elementary School, learning about the creation of the telegraph. The machine was invented so that “someone can connect to someone who is far away,” he said. This was pretty normal stuff for a fourth grade history lesson, except for one thing: The ... Read More
Republican Ron Unz may have jumped into the high-profile race to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, but he’s not drafting the speech he’s planning to deliver on the Senate floor in January. “I’m an honest person, and I say what I believe,” said Unz, a Palo Alto software developer and entrepreneur who made an ... Read More
If June's open primary election to fill Barbara Boxer's U.S. Senate seat were held today, the winner -- in a landslide of indifference -- would be Undecided and None of the Above, according to a new Field Poll. Attorney General Kamala Harris maintains a solid lead among the top candidates, but nearly a majority of ... Read More
A pair of Democrats, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Orange Country Rep. Loretta Sanchez, hold a commanding lead over a trio of Republicans in what so far is a barely visible contest to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer. Harris’ 27 percent tops the race, with Sanchez at 14 percent and Ron Unz, Tom Del ... Read More
As voting season for Harvard’s Board of Overseers formally begins and alumni around the world begin to find ballot cards tucked in their mailboxes, some prominent alumni are ramping up efforts to put the brakes on a controversial outsider campaign for the University's second-highest governing body. That campaign, called “Free Harvard, Fair Harvard,” has garnered ... Read More
Colleges with big endowments face calls to scrap tuition payments
ON his deathbed in 1638, John Harvard bequeathed half of his estate, about £800 and his library of some 400 books to a new college in present-day Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard’s founders decided to name their new university for its first big benefactor. About 370 years ago the first Harvard scholarship to help “some poore scholler” ... Read More
These days, Ron K. Unz ’83 spends a lot of his time collecting signatures and launching campaigns. Unz, a controversial outsider candidate for Harvard’s Board of Overseers, is setting his sights on an even more prestigious governing body: the United States Senate. In what he called a “last-minute decision,” Unz delivered his petitions—bearing the requisite ... Read More
In the midst of an unusual election cycle, this year's candidates for Harvard’s Board of Overseers completed questionnaires about race-based affirmative action, revealing widespread support for more transparency in Harvard’s admissions process. The questionnaires, distributed by a consortium of 10 alumni organizations, surveyed the candidates on transparency in admissions and the importance of student diversity—topics ... Read More
Ron Unz, the conservative critic of bilingual education who in recent years has championed incrementally increasing the statewide minimum wage, said Wednesday he will enter California’s crowded race for U.S. Senate. Unz, a candidate for governor against fellow Republican Pete Wilson in 1994, said his chief motivation for mounting the uphill challenge is to help ... Read More
FOLLOWING THE ANNOUNCEMENT of a five-person petition slate of candidates in this spring’s voting for members of Harvard’s Board of Overseers, andcertification of the petitioners for placement on the ballot, a number of alumni have formed an opposing Coalition for a Diverse Harvard. The coalition is aiming squarely at the petitioners’ “Free Harvard/Fair Harvard”platform (“abolishing ... Read More