Naomi Campbell – The Queen of Fashion?

One must have to live under the rock to not know about Naomi Campbell – a personality known by many as the queen of fashion as well as the most powerful person in the fashion industry, Campbell has been making history since a very long time as one of the most prominent people in the fashion industry. At the age of 23, she was already making phone calls to the CEOs as well as the owners of some of the biggest fashion brands at that time. Needless to say, Naomi was the queen at that time. She even starred in George Michael’s Freedom 90 video.

At that time, it is safe to say that Naomi was at the peak of her career at such a young age. We can safely say that the era was about to change, and it all happened 4 years before Naomi’s friend and one of the top fashion designers Gianni Versace got murdered, his murder is considered the end of her supermodel run.

With that said, everything that Naomi has done throughout her entire career just illustrates how amazing she is as a performer. She shows a reflection of a women who knows what is she looking for and is not afraid to have it either. It is her confidence, and the believability that makes her one of the most iconic women in the fashion industry. Even if you look at her beauty, you will realise how she so perfectly represents fashion, beauty, and power. Throughout 30 years in the business, she has managed to gain all of that with great ease.

The modern day and age are a bit different for her as instead of being on the ramp or the catwalks, she is now seen away from that spotlight, and sitting with the big players such as politicians, as well as chief designers. She is working as a Contributing Editor at British Vogue, and she is also seen addressing crowds at stadiums. Needless to say, Campbell is making good, and positive use of all the power that has been entrusted in her.

Even if you look back at her long career, you will realise just how iconic it has been throughout the 30 years. From the early age of starring in videos by Bob Marley, and appearing in several more music videos of equally famous artists, it is safe to say that Naomi Campbell’s entire career in the industry reflects that she has always been the boss.

Even though her role in the industry has changed drastically, she has not let that change her as a person because upon looking at her to, you find the same amazing woman she was when she first appeared the scene. One can almost say that time did not leave its mark on Naomi Campbell, and has allowed her legendary status to thrive, and we are sure that everything that she is will be there until the end of times, and that is impressive.