Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

In the construction industry accidents occur every now and then which is why safety is a critical issue for the workers. Personal protective equipment or PPE prevent such accidents from happening. The main objective of PPE is to minimize hazards that the workers have to face at the workplace as much as it possibly can. Here is a complete guide to personal protective equipment:

Head Protection

Hard hats are most commonly used as PPE. Their intended aim is to protect the wearer against falling objects and from blows to the head. Some of these hats are even equipped with face shields and earmuffs. If these hats are not the right size then they are not suitable for use.

Face and Eye Protection

Full face shields and safety goggles are used to protect the face and eyes of laborers. Safety goggles prevent dirt, dust or chemicals from getting into eyes and face shields are usually used for metal, wood or hot work.

Respiratory Protection

If toxic material is present respiratory protection is necessary. Even if you cannot see it sometimes, toxic materials can cause some serious damage. Dust, fumes, paint spray, pesticide, etc are some of the examples of what can cause hazards and respiratory protective equipment protect the workers from them. They are usually used when a tolerable ventilation system is not available.

Hand and Skin Protection

Since most of the work is done through hands, gloves are the key to hand and skin protection.  The most commonly used PPE gloves are rubber, cut-resistant, and heat-resistant gloves. These are used to prevent threats while working with chemicals, glass, electricity or hot materials.

The use of PPE in the workplace is very important as it can save workers from some seriously dangerous injuries. Safety is a top priority in all situations and PPE is what is needed to ensure that there are no accidents, as we all know the saying “prevention is better than cure”.