If You Aren’t Using Facebook For Marketing, You’re Missing Out

Ever since Facebook became so popular, there have been so many people criticising it and with valid points as well. There are studies into how the average Facebook user spends too much time aimlessly scrolling through the application and how that’s concerning and non-productive. These studies might have a point somewhere but marketers would disagree with anyone calling Facebook productive.

Users may be misusing the app but in truth, Facebook is a great tool that we all need in our lives; we get our news from Facebook, we connect with people and we also run our businesses there – and that’s what we’re concerned with here. E-commerce is on the rise and with Facebook pages for businesses, it’s easier than ever to sell a product of a service on the internet.

Having a Facebook page is like having a website, where you can track how many people are viewing your content regularly and how many are seeing it passively and converting into regulars. At any time, at least a third of the world’s entire population is online on Facebook, scrolling through their feeds, looking for something interesting – this is where you can insert a promotional post from your business.

To make your post interesting and making sure that it shows up on the news feeds of your target audience, you need to hire a good Facebook advertising agency to help you promote your business. A Facebook advertising agency can also help you design your Facebook page and run it for you in the most productive way. These days people’s eyes are glued to their phone’s screens and while that may be concerning to some, it’s profitable to others – be the others in this case.