For The Best Interest of Rail Road Workers

Some of us work jobs that are relatively less demanding physically; in the sense that they don’t put your physical heath at risk. Let’s say that you’re working an office job; you’re applying yourself mentally here more than anything else and while your office still cares about your health and well being, they don’t really have any responsibility if you get hurt at work for some reason. Yes, your colleagues may help you get back up but they don’t really have any legal obligation to get you helped out.

Now, if you’re working a job that could potentially end your life or cause you serious injury that could affect your life in the long term, then your employers have a direct responsibility to make sure that your health and safety is given top priority. Some railroad employers actually treat their workers as people capital more than actual people with lives of their own, which is why FELA (Federal Employees Liability Act) came to be in 1908.

For over a century now, FELA has protected the rights of railroad workers all over the United States. Their job is to make sure that workers who are injured or even killed during the construction and maintenance of railroads get compensation for their troubles in full. Some employers would offer state mandated compensation to their workers but in most cases this is hardly enough to compensate for the damages the workers face over the negligence of their employers. In some cases, the smallest neglect on the employer’s part can go a long way to ruin a worker’s life but no one’s ready to own up to such cases, which is where Harrington FELA lawyers in Chicago can help workers get their rights.