Gemstones For Regular Wear

Jewelry happens to have a rich culture and tradition in human history, and has held different meanings throughout different parts of the world, and now we wear jewelry for decorative purposes, and wearing expensive stones and metal jewelry can be indicative as symbols of higher status and so on. Now, there are so many beautiful gemstones and varieties that it can be difficult to choose something for yourself.

Now, the question of which gemstone you should buy should largely depend on how often you plan on using it. For instance, if you want to wear said item regularly, then you need to keep in mind that not every gemstone is cut out for that. You need to pick gemstones that are actually durable and can withstand everyday wear, and this includes stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, alexandrite, and aquamarine and so on. So, you need to make sure that you opt for a gemstone that is actually sturdy and durable when picking something for everyday wear. You can contact any gemstone seller for more information in that regard, and if you want to look through potential options you can check out this website for their variety of different types of gemstone jewelry.

You also do not want to be wearing really big or obvious gemstone jewelry either because that will only end up attracting unwanted attention from other people, or someone can potentially end up stealing or snatching it from you. So, when you are choosing gemstone jewelry for regular wear, you want to opt for something simpler and more delicate rather than opting for a bigger stone or design. You can keep bigger stones and designs for more formal and exclusive events where you do not have to worry about these things as much.

Preparing For a Summer Festival

This is the first time ever I will be heading out to a summer festival, attending concerts, beach and other outdoor parties, when one of my friends shared her summer festival experience I knew for sure that next year I would be free from all the worries in the world and head out to a summer festival, these summer festivals take place in summers obviously all over the world and tickets are sold relatively quickly so if you are one of those who have never been to a summer festival then do so now because you really have no idea what you are missing out on, one thing is really important and that is the outfit you choose.

If you are thinking that you don’t need to carefully select the outfits then you would suffer and that would stop you from enjoying properly, what happens is that people are not really wearing the right footwear and even clothes, so when the temperatures becomes even hotter than expected they are barely able to enjoy, if you live in Australia and you are a beach lover then this is paradise for you, the best beach parties happen at three places which include Caribbean, Brazil and Australia and even though this is my personal opinion but not many can argue with this, so this means that people do regularly head out to beach parties and summer clothing design do offer different stylish options for beach parties and summer festivals.

Festival outfits are different from any other party outfit because these are very lightweight and the focus is on keeping the person stay cool and feel light, if you want more summer festival outfit ideas then log onto  and it will help make the right decision when buying festival outfits.

Which Type of Bra Should You Buy?

No matter how good you look but if you don’t feel comfortable, smooth and great inside then it is never worth it and this should always be remembered when buying a bra, it is not just aesthetics that matter but comfort and buying the right type, size is also important even if you have spend a good couple of bucks on buying a good quality bra you should go ahead and do that, if you are operating under limited budgets when doing shopping drop something else but never compromise the quality and type of bra which you are buying, it is something you are going to wear most part of the day if not all day and if it is not the right type and size then you can only imagine the discomfort it will cause you.

Following are some of the most commonly bought bras which should always be in your wardrobe as well, so starting with the most common of them all

Underwire Bras: this is one commonly bought bra and almost 70 to 80% women own an underwire bra as it contains a thin wire to support the bra cups and they provide great support. If you are going to shop for a bra one of the first choices should be an underwire bra.

Seamless Bra: as the name suggests it comes without a seam and it looks great on thin, party dresses and thin material tops, so this is a must have for any woman as other options would look odd under a thin top.

Strapless Bra: this one is for the special occasions when you wear backless, strapless  dress or a blouse, if you are someone who likes to go on special evenings then this is a must buy. You can learn more about different bras at Bra-di-da.

The Upcoming Designers You Should Be Anticipating

The fashion industry is going through a rapid change once again, since we are halfway through 2018, we have already seen a fair share of fashion trends. Now since it is time for Dazed 100, many of the designers are going to start stepping forward with some of their finest works.

The Dazed 100 contains a list of some of the best designers from around the world, and upon close inspection of the list, some of the best caught our attention and we decided to feature them on in this list. Let’s go ahead and have a look.

Charlotte Knowles

According to Charlotte Knowles, whenever she is designing clothes for women, she believes that a woman’s gaze is always a lot more personal as compared to the male’s gaze whenever it comes to perspective. Knowles has earned her Master in Arts degrees last year, and she then decided to join Fashion East lineup. She has worked with Emma Wyman, the senior designer for Dazed, and in addition to that, she has also worked with Emma’s senior design partner Alexander Arsenault, Knowles recently launched a collection which takes inspiration from her signature lingerie but this time, the design elements are found in mini-dresses.


If you are into fashion, then it is safe to say that you may have been aware of Raul Lopez mainly because he is the cofounder of Hood by Air, and he has also served as an in charge of label Luar Zeopl. After staying off the radar for a while, Lopez returned with L UAR, and it certainly is something that you should notice.

Ludovic de Saint Sernin

The thing about Ludovic de Saint Sernin is that he is the type of designer who got the major benefit of perfecting his skills with other labels before he finally managed to put all of his knowledge into his own label. Ludovic de Saint Sernin has worked with the like of Balmain, and has now some of the best looking clothes that are available.


Asai Ta is a Vietnamese Chinese designer who made his debut at AW17 show, and ever since that, he has become one of the most prominent designers. Following influences from Asian tropes, he has some of the most iconic collections that the fashion industry has seen.

Stefan Cooke

Just when you think fashion is all about flamboyance, you meet designers like Stefan Cooke. One of the London based designers who states that he is not a fan of making wild clothing items. As a matter of fact, he loves taking mundane things and staging them in different contexts – just the way reality is. If you look at Stefan’s clothes, you will realise just how simple and boring they might look to people who are used to the idea of fashion being flamboyance. However, as unsurprising as it is, his work has some loyal followers who are always on the lookout for his next collection or work.

The Best Places to Find Vintage Fashion in Paris

If you are someone who has had experience with vintage shopping, then it is safe to say that you are well aware of just how difficult the situation can be. There are so many thrift stores, as well as second hand stores that sell vintage fashion, or other vintage items. And if you have shopped at a vintage store, you must also know how difficult the entire situation becomes when you have to sift through racks of clothes that are never in order. To top it all off, the worst moment comes when you can’t find the parts of the same clothing item that you were looking for.

Sadly, thrift and second hand shops are the only places one can go, and the tiresome nature of these stores can easily make every seasoned shopped feel tired, and want to give up on shopping. However, at the same time, the good thing is that if you do strike gold, you do it big time.

This article talks about some of the best places you can find vintage fashion in Paris.

La Mode Vintage, 12 Rue Rochebrune

We have been told that La Mode Vintage, 12 Rue Rochebrune is one of the best vintage stores there are. The store is for people who know about fashion, and are looking for something that will certainly pique their interest in one way or another. You can easily find some of the finest things in the store, and I can assure you that the collector within you would love this place.

Pretty Box, 46 Rue Saintonge

A store that is strictly for vintage clothes, the Pretty Box, 46 Rue Saintonge is among the finest in Paris for anyone who is looking for vintage clothes by designers such as Gucci. Yes, I am talking about authentic stuff that you will probably ever find anywhere else. So, it definitely is worth a try.

Episode, 12 Rue Tiquetonne

For many people, a store named Episode might not hold a lot of importance, but if you are looking for cool dresses like Levi’s denim or something hip and chic, then it certainly is something that you should visit. If you are lucky, you can even find stuff by Valentino, and if that’s not gold, I don’t know what else is.

Thanx God I’m a VIP, 12 Rue De Lancry

Normally when you talk to me about a store that is called Thanx God I’m a VIP, the irony just crosses over me. At first, I thought this is some parody store as there are so many of them but upon visiting it, I realised just how amazing this goldmine actually is. There are some amazing fashion pieces available at this store, and the store itself is huge, so it is a given that there is a lot of things to go through. You can spend a lot of time here and not get bored, and sometimes, find what you really want.

Naomi Campbell – The Queen of Fashion?

One must have to live under the rock to not know about Naomi Campbell – a personality known by many as the queen of fashion as well as the most powerful person in the fashion industry, Campbell has been making history since a very long time as one of the most prominent people in the fashion industry. At the age of 23, she was already making phone calls to the CEOs as well as the owners of some of the biggest fashion brands at that time. Needless to say, Naomi was the queen at that time. She even starred in George Michael’s Freedom 90 video.

At that time, it is safe to say that Naomi was at the peak of her career at such a young age. We can safely say that the era was about to change, and it all happened 4 years before Naomi’s friend and one of the top fashion designers Gianni Versace got murdered, his murder is considered the end of her supermodel run.

With that said, everything that Naomi has done throughout her entire career just illustrates how amazing she is as a performer. She shows a reflection of a women who knows what is she looking for and is not afraid to have it either. It is her confidence, and the believability that makes her one of the most iconic women in the fashion industry. Even if you look at her beauty, you will realise how she so perfectly represents fashion, beauty, and power. Throughout 30 years in the business, she has managed to gain all of that with great ease.

The modern day and age are a bit different for her as instead of being on the ramp or the catwalks, she is now seen away from that spotlight, and sitting with the big players such as politicians, as well as chief designers. She is working as a Contributing Editor at British Vogue, and she is also seen addressing crowds at stadiums. Needless to say, Campbell is making good, and positive use of all the power that has been entrusted in her.

Even if you look back at her long career, you will realise just how iconic it has been throughout the 30 years. From the early age of starring in videos by Bob Marley, and appearing in several more music videos of equally famous artists, it is safe to say that Naomi Campbell’s entire career in the industry reflects that she has always been the boss.

Even though her role in the industry has changed drastically, she has not let that change her as a person because upon looking at her to, you find the same amazing woman she was when she first appeared the scene. One can almost say that time did not leave its mark on Naomi Campbell, and has allowed her legendary status to thrive, and we are sure that everything that she is will be there until the end of times, and that is impressive.