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College Admissions & Tuition
The greatest problem with most universities today is that tuition is much too high, forcing an entire generation of students into long-term debt-servitude. Total student loans now exceed $1.2 trillion, and millions of students will probably never be able to pay them off. During the mid-1970s, tuition at UCLA, Berkeley, and the other UC campuses ... Read More
As readers know, the "Diversity" opposition to our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard Overseer campaign did absolutely everything it could to avoid allowing a public debate between our respective positions, refusing to participate themselves and then heavily pressuring Harvard's Chinese Students Association to withdraw their sponsorship of a public debate. Fortunately, they failed, and the two hour ... Read More
Ralph talks to conservative ally Ron Unz about their plan to run for the Harvard Board of Overseers to convince the school to completely eliminate tuition. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ralphnaderradiohour/NADER_EP_107.mp3
As voting season for Harvard’s Board of Overseers formally begins and alumni around the world begin to find ballot cards tucked in their mailboxes, some prominent alumni are ramping up efforts to put the brakes on a controversial outsider campaign for the University's second-highest governing body. That campaign, called “Free Harvard, Fair Harvard,” has garnered ... Read More
Colleges with big endowments face calls to scrap tuition payments
ON his deathbed in 1638, John Harvard bequeathed half of his estate, about £800 and his library of some 400 books to a new college in present-day Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard’s founders decided to name their new university for its first big benefactor. About 370 years ago the first Harvard scholarship to help “some poore scholler” ... Read More
These days, Ron K. Unz ’83 spends a lot of his time collecting signatures and launching campaigns. Unz, a controversial outsider candidate for Harvard’s Board of Overseers, is setting his sights on an even more prestigious governing body: the United States Senate. In what he called a “last-minute decision,” Unz delivered his petitions—bearing the requisite ... Read More
In the midst of an unusual election cycle, this year's candidates for Harvard’s Board of Overseers completed questionnaires about race-based affirmative action, revealing widespread support for more transparency in Harvard’s admissions process. The questionnaires, distributed by a consortium of 10 alumni organizations, surveyed the candidates on transparency in admissions and the importance of student diversity—topics ... Read More
FOLLOWING THE ANNOUNCEMENT of a five-person petition slate of candidates in this spring’s voting for members of Harvard’s Board of Overseers, andcertification of the petitioners for placement on the ballot, a number of alumni have formed an opposing Coalition for a Diverse Harvard. The coalition is aiming squarely at the petitioners’ “Free Harvard/Fair Harvard”platform (“abolishing ... Read More
Students are beginning to urge divestment.
Have you heard the latest wisecrack about Harvard? People are calling it a hedge fund with a university attached. They have a point—Harvard stands at the troubling intersection between higher education and high finance, with over 15 percent of its massive $38 billion endowment invested in hedge funds. That intersection is getting crowded. Yale’s comparatively ... Read More
A group of nearly 500 alumni is mounting a campaign against an outsider ticket for Harvard’s Board of Overseers, denouncing its proposals to eliminate tuition and scrutinize affirmative action as antithetical to diversity. The group, called “Coalition for a Diverse Harvard,” launched a website last Wednesday inviting students and alumni to voice their opposition to ... Read More
I first began collecting and organizing my old print articles early last summer, believing that having them all conveniently available in book form would be useful for my planned Harvard Overseer campaign. Now at very long last the regular hardcover edition of The Myth of American Meritocracy and Other Essays has been delivered from the ... Read More
The professional aspirations of Ron Unz have run the gamut from unsuccessful campaign for governor of California in 1994 to entrepreneur who founded Wall Street Analytics. His conservative leanings makes him perhaps an unlikely proponent of free college at Harvard, but he's proposing just that. Unz is running for the Board of Overseers with four ... Read More
FIVE PETITION CANDIDATES have qualified for placement on the ballot for this spring’s election of members to the Board of Overseers, the larger but less powerful of the University’s two governing boards (and the only one whose members are selected by alumni votes). The petitioners, who have joined to promote a program they call “Free ... Read More
How the Ivy League discriminates against top-achieving students
He’s quiet and, of course, wants to be a doctor,” read the reviewer’s note on one application. Another said that an applicant’s “scores and application seem so typical of other Asian applications I’ve read: extraordinarily gifted in math with the opposite extreme in English.” Admissions staff typically ranked Asian-Americans lower than whites in “personal qualities” ... Read More
As most readers have probably heard, a few days ago we were notified by Harvard University that the alumni signatures on the nomination petitions we had submitted were sufficient in number, and our "Free Harvard/Fair Harvard" slate of candidates would therefore appear on the forthcoming ballot for the Harvard Board of Overseers. An important public ... Read More
Federal lawmakers are asking the nation’s richest colleges and universities for more details about their billion-dollar endowments, questioning whether the institutions’ stockpiling of wealth fits with their “charitable and educational” missions, which qualify them for tax breaks. The chairman of two congressional committees this week sought the information from 56 private institutions around the country ... Read More
After Ron K. Unz ’83 flew cross country to turn in almost 300 signatures to Harvard’s doorstep, he and four other alumni—including five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader—can now call themselves candidates for the Board of Overseers, the University’s second highest governing body. The unorthodox group launched a bid for the Overseers in January on a ... Read More
Earlier this morning, all of us received an email from Jeff Caldwell of Harvard University informing us that our submitted petitions had been found to contain the necessary number of valid alumni signatures, and that we had qualified for the ballot of the Harvard Board of Overseers. Dear Ron, I write to let you know ... Read More
This last Saturday night I took a red-eye flight to Boston accompanied by an all-important carry-on bag, containing some thirty pounds of signed nomination petitions for our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard campaign for the Harvard Board of Overseers. With potentially major changes in the structure of American higher education hanging in the balance, I could not ... Read More
Harvard alumnus Ron Unz — ex-publisher of The American Conservative — has aligned himself with a liberal-sounding cause: He wants his alma mater to stop charging tuition. Unz is running with four other alums for a spot on the Harvard University Board of Overseers on a ticket to eliminate undergraduate tuition, The Harvard Crimson reported. ... Read More
University President Drew G. Faust dismissed on Monday a group of alumni’s proposal that undergraduate tuition at Harvard should be free. Last month, a group of five alumni, including five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader, launched a campaign for the Board of Overseers, the University’s second highest governing body. The group argues the size of Harvard’s ... Read More
Harvard University is being challenged to consider scrapping its £31,000-a-year tuition fees, in a bid to make the university more accessible. Ron Unz, a Silicon Valley millionaire, argues that the university’s $35.9 billion (£25 billion) endowment fund – the largest in the US – renders the income from tuition fees negligible, and that the fees ... Read More
Traveling to Boston, Ron K. Unz ’83 hopes to begin his candidacy for the Board of Overseers
Clad in a Harvard beanie, worn jeans, and sneakers, Ron K. Unz ’83 did not look like someone seeking to become one of the University’s most esteemed alumni and powerbrokers. On Sunday morning, Unz, equipped with a series of charts and graphs detailing the annals of Harvard budgeting and admissions data, stood for hours outside ... Read More
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Ron Unz built his fortune and his reputation running Wall Street analytics, a financial software company in Silicon Valley. Now, he’s behind “Free Harvard, Fair Harvard,” a campaign to make Harvard University tuition-free and make the university’s admissions process more transparent. Guests Ron Unz, chairman of Free Harvard, Fair Harvard.  
When I was chancellor of the New York City schools, I thought that if you were smart and poor, you could write your own ticket to college. I was dead wrong. A new study by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, where I serve as executive director, reveals that only 3 percent of students at our ... Read More