Bitcoin Wallets: Keeping Track of Your Bitcoins

If you are currently reading this article, chances are that you are probably considering getting into bitcoins, and we don’t blame you. It is pretty lucrative ventures and people all over the world are profiting from it. Now, bitcoins are a digital currency, so you cannot physically keep track of them the way you can with normal currency. So, in order to store your bitcoins and keep track of them regardless of whether you are currently mining or exchanging them, you will need to have a bitcoin wallet.

A bitcoin wallet is a kind of like an online bank account. You will be given a public key, and then a private key which consists of code that you will have to keep safe and use every time you want to access your bitcoin. Now, there are a variety of different wallets ranging from different online software and smart device applications, and then bitcoin paper wallets.

Bitcoin paper wallets are considered to be more unique then the rest because they are immune to attacks by online hackers and scammers since there is no digital footprint. In fact, there is a printed QR code that basically allows you to access your bitcoin. So, this ends up removing the risk of online attacks entirely from the equation, and this is why they are considered to be safer by a lot of users. All you have to do is go to software or website like that will then generate your public and private key for you along with a QR code that you can then access through your smart devices. Keeping this in mind, all you have to do then is make sure that your paper wallet is then kept safe, so that responsibility is entirely yours to take.